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“We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us.”

— Ralph Hattersley

My photographic journey

My photographic journey began when my Dad gave me my first camera. It was a cheap, all-plastic Carena/Porst 126 Sport with a 38 mm lens and a bright orange release button. It took 126 film cartridges resulting in square prints way before the advent of Instagram. I was about three years old and not sure how I even understood the concept of Photography then. All I know is, that I instinctively knew how to take pictures and only stopped using the camera when the winder broke.

Below are the two very first photographs and I actually remember taking them:

What lies beyond – I remember holding the little plastic camera above my head in order “to see what lies beyond”which was only a Shell gas station and an empty crater hole where once a building stood before WW2, ca. 1981, Germany
my first photo
A view to the right – I absolutely love this picture, the composition and the abstractness give it a very modern look. Plus, I take pictures today with the same weird off kilter horizon, ca. 1981, Germany

I guess you could say, that my early style was always documentary photography. When I saw a moment that I thought was worth recording, I took a photo of it. Read on …